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 Updated: 10 May 2020


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Valve Actuators for Heating, Cooling and Air-Conditioning


Electronic valve actuator AMX or RLO to 5.5 mm seat valves for direct mounting on the valve without adjustment mode.

The reversible synchronous motor is driven by a Vdc or mA proportional control signal or a three position alt. ON/OFF signal.

The corrensponding stroke is generated via an anti-locking gear mechanism

Direc manual adjustment

LED indication for operation and failure

Load-dependent switch-off in stroke limit positions

Position indicator









Terminal Valve Actuators
On/Off, PWM and Modulating

The EAO and EAV are suitable for use with FBV fan-coil valves in induction units, small re-heaters, re-coolers and zone applications in which hot/cold water is controlled medium


  • On/off, PWM (Time Proportional and Modulating types.

  • Visual positionindicator

  • Force switch-off at stem down position prevents overload of actuator and valve.

  • No tools required for mounting

  • Maintenance free during lifetime

  • Low noise operation

  • Supplied with 2m cable

  • LED position indicator for alarms and operation

  • Self-positioning process



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