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 Updated: 10 May 2020


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From single research stations to mesoscale networks, AP automatic weather
stations have become a standard for serious climatological and meteorological monitoring.

Weather stations are used to record weather variables in the desert, rain forests, and at both poles.

Solar powered weather stations are ideal for remote unattended situations or use mains power for more accessible sites.

Accurate measurements, proven reliability, and the ability to customise each station make our weather stations ideal for all types of meteorological and climatological research applications.

  • Choose a pre-configured weather station or specify your own configuration.

  • AP weather stations can measure most commercially available meteorological sensors.

  • Communications options include modem, mobile phone, voice-synthesized phone, satellite (DCP), radio or ethernet.

  • AP weather stations operate reliably in harsh environments.

  • Dataloggers provide on-site weather statistical and mathematical capabilities.

  • Batteries and solar panels allow long-term, unmanned operation.

  • Weather stations are easily expandable-add new sites or sensors to existing stations.

  • Powerful software supports programming, data retrieval, and data display.

  • AP weather stations are used by Met Services across the world.

Weather Station Choice
Our pre-configured or basic weather stations feature a standard suite of pre-wired sensors and simplified programming for easy installation.

Bespoke or custom configurable weather stations offer a wide choice of meteorological sensors and data transfer peripherals, providing greater flexibility to meet your requirement.










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