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 Updated: 24 Sep 2014



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Digital wind sensors - Barometric Measurement - Rain Detectors




Digital wind sensors

AP presents the new digital wind sensors WAS series and WDS series.

The WDS windvane and WAS cup anemometer are light weight instruments for contact free measuring wind speed and wind direction.

The sensors use a traditional measuring principle and profit from digital techniques: a perfect combination of traditional and modern concepts.

Using RS232 or RS485 communication the analogue (mA or Volt) outputs are programmable.

Also available are two programmable open collector output for control purposes.
The speed and angle is measured contact free using the Hall effect.

Wind direction is measured without death angle and a resolution better than 1°.
Wind speed can be measured up to 30 m/s and higher, with a resolution better than 0,1 m/s.

The new wind sensors are affordable and of high quality and are delivered with RVS mounting material.


The power consumption has a maximum 40mA down to 5mA depending on the analogue output, power supply 12..30 Vdc.

WAD & WDS series
The sensors use a well accepted measuring principle and profit from digital techniques: a perfect combination of traditional and modern concepts.

Both sensors are ideal for agro-meteorology, greenhouse automation, HVAC, safety guard regulations, etc.

WAD Windvane
With this light weight, long life wind vane the wind direction is measured over the full 360° with a resolution of 0.3° without dead angle!

The angle is measured contact free using the Hall effect.

Using RS232 or RS485 communication the analogue (mA or Volt) outputs are configurable.


WAD Cup Anemometer
With this three cup anemometer wind speed can be measured up to 30 m/s and higher.
The treshold speed is 0.75 m/s.

The analogue signals can be scaled to cover any measuring range between 0 and 60 m/s

Barometric Measurement

The WBP series analogue barometers are designed both for accurate barometric measurements at room temperature and for general environmental pressure monitoring over a wide temperature range.

The range incorporates analogue barometers.
The excellent long-term stability of the barometer minimizes or even removes the need for field adjustment in many applications.

The compact WBP series barometers are ideal for data logger applications because of their low power consumption, selectable external on/off control, practical output voltage ranges and three or four wire connection capability.










The WBP series barometers use the silicon capacitive absolute pressure sensor for barometric pressure measurement applications.
The sensor combines the outstanding elasticity characteristics and mechanical stability of single-crystal silicon with the proven capacitive detection principle.

Automatikprodukter has taken this successful barometric pressure sensor and housed it in an IP65 Box complete with GORETEX® venting system to produce an outstanding all round sensor.

Rain Detector WRD 01

To detect the presence of dew or rain the WRD 01 Surface Wetness Sensor is sensitive, being able to detect a droplet of water only 1mm in diameter.

The simple loggable output allows the presence of surface moisture to be recorded - an important factor in plant disease prediction.










Rain Detector 230Vac

The sensor detects precipitation such as rain or snow within seconds and sends a message by means of a potential-free relay contact (fault relay).

This switching output may be forwarded to, for instance, ventilation or shading systems in automated greenhouses.


WRD 230








Sensitivity settings are not required. It detects even light drizzle, without giving a false rain signal in case of light dew.

Functional description
If the response threshold is exceeded, the installed fault relay trips immediately. The integrated sensor heating is also fully activated at the same time.

The automatic reset delay period begins when the sensor surface has dried (value falls below limit value plus hysteresis). It is set to approximately 5 minutes.

From the start of the reset delay period until "rain" is reported again, the sensor heating switches down to 25% of its full power.

This pre-heating prevents false rain messages due to fog or dew, for example.

The rain sensor is delivered with mast mounting hardware.

Rain Meter

The rain meter is used for measuring quantites of precipitation.
The heater-equipped version may be used for detecting rain as well as snow.

Rain water is collected in a funnel and routed towards a tilting scale.

When a certain quantity of rain water (maximum 0.2 mm) has entered the scale tilts, converting the precipitation quantity into a digital signal using a reed contact.

The reed contact of the rain quantity measuring unit is usually closed and opens in case of a pulse for a duration of 260 ms.

When registering 100% rain quantity, only tilts 5...6 times per minute, which corresponds to 1...1.2 l/m² rain (60...72 l/m² rain per hour).

Greater rain quantities are not taken into consideration.


IPSO lightning detector
IPSO is a detector of electric atmospheric discharges (lightning) based in the record of the electromagnetic field produced by lightning falls inside a radius of 30 km (18,64 miles).
IPSO has a lightweight antenna, that must be installed outside, connected to a control module through which lightning falls are registered, alarms can be programmed and batteries charge can be checked.


The APSonic is an ultrasonic alternative to conventional cup and vane or propeller wind sensors.

The APSonic combines both wind speed and direction data into one serial (or two analogue outputs), which are transmitted together with an instrument status code, confirming correct operation.

The APSonic provides accurate results in all weather conditions.

Advantages of the APSonic:

  • low start speed

  • corrosion free, UV stable material

  • no calibration required

  • robust construction

  • true 0..359° operation (no dead band)

  • wind speed and direction from a single unit


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